See many of our beautifully executed projects with expanded metal all over the world.
Here you can find application of our products.


“Skyline mesh” on the facade of Delta Niš

“Flaminio mesh” on the facade of Cricket stadion Leeds

“Brera mesh” on the facade of Dom omladine Banjaluka

“Maracana mesh” on the facade of Drugi klik Zagreb

“Prater mesh” on the facade of Centrum Gradiska

“Flaminio mesh” on the facade

“Flaminio mesh” in the interior

“Broadway mesh” sunscreens

“Maracana mesh” sunscreens

“Copacabana XS” on facade

“Piccadilly mesh” on ceilings

“Prater mesh” on Bio Plus

“Prater mesh” on facede of Bingo Mostar

“Prater mesh” on facede of Bingo Tuzla

“Jerez mesh” on facede of Bingo Bihać

“Flaminio XS mesh” in restaurant interior Bihać

“Romboidal mesh” in interior Belgrade Waterfront

“Chelsea mesh” in interior

“Bebek mesh” on building facade

“Prater mesh” on facade of car wash

“Romboidal mesh” on fences of private home

“Broadway mesh” on facade of Animo furniture

“Copacabana mesh” on ceilings Ada Mall

“Flaminio mesh” on fence Abras Evelin

“Flaminio mesh” on fence

“Navigli mesh” on facade of 988 caffe bar

“Brera mesh” on facade of Crvena apoteka


CEILING SYSTEMS with expanded metal

“Soho mesh Q20x14 mm” on facade of Ina building

“Romboidal mesh 43×13 mm” at the bar

“Chelsea mesh D10x7 mm” as radiator mask

“Quadra 20×15 mm mesh” in interior of restaurant

“Quadra 20×15 mm mesh” on phone stand

“Romboidal flattened mesh” combination with wood on outside bar

“Soho XL” on the facade cladding-“FTM stolarija Travnik” are producer of this complete facade design http://www.ftm-doo.com/- check their site for more informations.

“Ribera mesh” on fence and facade

“3 types of mesh on one object” Flaminio, Broadway and Copacabana

“Romboidal mesh 43×13” on exterior of company

“Notre dame mesh” in interior of Krajiska kuca, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Notre dame mesh” on facade of Krajiska kuca, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Romboidal industrial mesh” in interior of caffe bar-Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Copacabana mesh” on advertising billboard-Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Romboidal mesh” on fence of kindergarten

“Expanded metal” on steps and exterior of fire tower

“Expo mesh” in interior company

“Square 40” as part of the facade

“Brera mesh” on top of the building

“Maracana mesh” in the interior of restaurant

“Notre dame mesh” on exterior

“Malibu mesh 62×21 mm”- great combination with glass facade

“Pasadena mesh” on exterior of building

“Expo mesh” in interior of restaurant

“Piccadilly mesh” on fence

“Notre dame-cassette” on facade

“Soho XL mesh” on shopping mall exterior

“Maracana mesh” from corten material on facade

“Maracana mesh” on shopping mall exterior

“Navigli mesh” on facade and fence of shopping mall

“Notre dame” on facade and fence system

“Copacabana mesh” on facade of building

“Pasadena mesh” as facade cladding

“Pasadena mesh 150×62 mm” mm on glass facade

“Broadway mesh 200×70 mm” mm on facade

“Roboidal mesh 45×20 mm” on treads/steps

“Romboidal mesh 28×13” mm on fence- Sweden

“Treads-steps” samples

“Broadway mesh” as sunscreen and facade cladding

“Broadway mesh” on exterior of restaurant

“Skyline mesh”- proud part of Mazda car salon

“Skyline mesh” on exterior of Mazda car salon

“Copacabana mesh” on outside railing

“Broadway mesh” on mall parking

“Broadway XL” on garage

“Flaminio mesh” on shopping mall

“Flaminio mesh” on facade of Carnegie Pavillon head cricket ground

“Chelsea mesh” on facade cladding

“Broadway XL” on facade cladding

“Skyline mesh” on Metal Tehnologija headquarter

“Skyline mesh” on garage exterior

Expaded metal as facadde cladding- Malibu mesh-Turin, Italy

“Piccadilly mesh” in the interior of flower shop- Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Expanded metal on stadium”-Broadway mesh- Berane, Montenegro

“Interior of discotheque”- Expo mesh- Barcelona, Spain

“Walls of expanded metal”- Romboidal mesh 29×10 mm- Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Expanded metal in interior – Romboidal mesh 45x20mm – Germany

“Expanded metal in interior of bakery”- Copacabana mesh- Zagreb, Croatia

“Expanded metal on the balconies”- Prater mesh- Toulouse, France

“Shading device on a residental building”-Maracana mesh-Belmont, Switzerland

“Expanded metal as decorative mask on radiators”-Romboidal mesh 28×13-Sweden

Expanded metal as facade and sunscreening – Flaminio mesh – Kopar, Slovenia

“Romboidal mesh” on facade

Romboidal mesh on balcony – Italy

Expanded metal on Clinical centar Banja Luka – Prater mesh – Banja Luka, BIH

Expanded metal on Gradiška border terminal – Soho XL mesh – +Gradiska, BIH

Facade on Wedding salon – Brooklyn mesh – Banja Luka, BIH

“Skyline mesh” as facade cladding

Vertical garden facade – Chelsea mesh – Turin, Italy

“Skyline mesh” on exterior of object

Romboidal mesh 45×20 on ceilings – Budva, Montenegro

Romboidal mesh on ceilings – Turkey

Prater mesh as sunscreening – Jaćimović d.o.o. – Banja Luka

Hexagonal mesh on steps – Metal Tehnologija headquarter – Derventa


Romboidal mesh 62×25 – Rasvjeta doo – Sarajevo


“Prater mesh” – Sentura Mall – Mexico City

“Copacabana mesh” on facade of car salon

Piccadilly mesh – Swissotel – Sarajevo


“PRATER and MARACANA mesh” – on fence and facade

NAVIGLI-Caesars-Palace-Entrance-Feature-Bluewaters-Island-590-m2-featured 2

“NAVIGLI mesh” – Caesars Palace Entrance Feature – Bluewaters Island,Dubai


“MARACANA” on exterior – Uszohaz

Ventilated facade cladding-“BERG mesh”- Naples, Italy

HOLLYWOOD-Mátészalka-piac-elkészült-fotók-featured 2

“HOLLYWOOD mesh”- Mátészalka piac, Hungary

FLAMINIO-e-COPACABANA-Ikea-Mar-Shopping-Loulé-Algarve-featured 2

“FLAMINIO and COPACABANA” – Ikea – Mar Shopping Loulé – Portugal

Chelsea-Torre-Diez-FEATURED 2

“Chelsea mesh” – Torre Diez, Mexico

brera-featured 2

“BRERA mesh” – Studentato MCA 198 – Cipro – Nicosia