SORBONA expanded metal

Among the mesh used most in residential and non-residential architecture, it is particularly suitable for being processed and moulded to give life to new spaces and new ideas.
Let yourself become excited about the possibility of seeing your imagination come to life.

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Mesh LWDxSWD  Thickness Total Thickness Dimension Hmax Weight Alu.  Weight M.G.S. Steel  Front Open Area Max Open Area
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [Kg/m2] [Kg/m2] [%] [%]
76 1,50 ~11 2000 3,70 10,80 9 44
76 2,00 ~11 2000 4,80 13,80 9 44
Sorbona expanded metal Technical data sheet 1.15 KB (2 pages)

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