SOHO expanded metal

Suitable for external applications, such as curtain walls, sunshades, ventilated façades, as well as interior solutions such as sound-proofing shields, ceilings and walls.
This type of expanded metal is ideal thanks to its ability to reduce the sound in all those situations (airports, undergrounds, stations, discotheques, industrial areas) where acoustic pollution must be limited, emphasizing the architectural aspect.

Mesh DL LWD Thickness Total Thickness Dimension Hmax//LWD Weight  Weight  Front Open Area Max Open Area
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [Kg/m2] [Kg/m2] [%] [%]
20 1,50 ~5 1600 1,70 5,10 50 63
20 2,00 ~5 1600 2,30 6,80 50 63
Soho expanded metal Technical data sheet 1,19 MB (2 pages)
Soho-schermatura-solare SUNSCREEN

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