This impressive project is a mirror of the very growth of our company. Namely, this large project, which was designed by Beging d.o.o. Belgrade (to whom we would like to thank for the great idea and its implementation) absolutely gave a new “stamp” to the city itself and its surroundings.


Over 10,000 m2 of mesh was produced and installed on the facade of the “Centrum Retail Park”.

The “Prater” mesh model was selected for this project, the material is aluminum and the plastic coating is done in “Centrum” colors.
The paint also contains a pearl in it, so it has a lot of contrasts in relation to periods and weather conditions.

The net model itself has a frontal transparency of about 50% and provides the best contrast on the facade itself, where the structure itself can be seen up close, while the net comes to the fore when viewed from a greater distance.

The metal frames of the facade and roof break and branch in several directions, thus imitating the gentle urban topography.